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Novice Challenge

Nikon Z Mount lenses on astro camera

Jim Smith

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Nice idea as the Z lenses are so good but there aren't any adapters that I know of ( Says very little ! :) )

The flange distance of a Z lens is 16mm and there are some cameras that have a distance greater than that ie ASI 2600 so impossible to fit. There are cameras around that have a distance of 6.5 mm ie ASI 1600 but I haven't seen any 42mm to Z body mount adapters. It would be simple enough to have one made if you can get hold of a Body mount but I've not seen any of those around either ( Ebay may have some hidden away somewhere )

Another problem would be where to find the room for a filter holder. They start from around 20mm I think.

All adapters I've seen for Nikon are for the F mount.

They will appear one day !


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