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Collimation tools

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Hi Folks

I have just acquired a starwatcher 150 PDS and would like some advice on the best and easiest tools to carry out the collimation on it, I believe there are loads of info on you tube about this and how to do it, but having looked around all the usual suppliers there is not much advice on the best tools in regard to value for money and the ease of doing the said task.

Many thanks for your advice

Chris H

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A basic starting position would be a sight tube, to allow for centering the secondary to the primary. This could be a SW Cheshire EP. 
This would also be used for collimation, but you could also get a laser collimator for the final collimation. You need to be sure that the laser collimator is collimated🙄

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Lasers work fine IF you take the time to get them sorted out.  It took me about 30 minutes of tweaking but when I was done with it the beam sat in one spot when I rotated the laser.  It did definitely make a difference in the images.  

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