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Chalk-/charcoal sketch of lunar feature Serpentine Ridge


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Dear all,

yesterday evening I went out to the terrace to sketch a lunar feature that I had already for quite some time on my to-do-list: The Serpentine Ridge.
This feature consists of the officially named Dorsa Smirnov and Dorsa Lister - named after the Russian scientist Sergej S. Smirnov and the British zoologist Martin Lister. It is located in the eastern Mare Serenitatis and is an inner ring segment of that basin. It's nicely visible at low solar angle.


Telescope: Celestron NexStar 127 SLT
Eyepiece: Explore Scientific 6.7mm/82°
Date & Time: March 8th, 2022 / 1945-2045 CET
Location: home terrace, Dusseldorf Region, Germany
Technique: Koh-i-Noor chalk, extra charcoal and whitecoal pens and pieces on Seawhite of Brighton black sketching paper
Size: appr. 20x30cm

On the right side of the sketch we have the floor-fractured crater Posidonius which would have been worth a sketch of its own. 

In the south you can see Plinius and Dawes. east of Dawes is Mons Argaeus. And between that mountain and Posidonius I sketched Dorsa Aldrovandi which was visible just as a darker stripe. And finally, the bright rocky area west of Plinius that is Promontorium Archerusia.

Clear skies


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