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NGC 3344 The Sliced Onion Galaxy, Esprit 150/RC10 Combination


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This is NGC 3344 in Leo, a face on spiral galaxy some 20 million LY distant, around 4.5' in diameter on the sky. This is a first time collaboration between myself using the Esprit 150/ASI 178 rig and second light on @Tomatobro's StellaLyra 10" RC/ASI 1600.

Capture Details:

Esprit 150:

L 150 x 2 mins

RGB 48 x 2 mins on each channel, all binned 2x2

RC 10:

L 98 x 22 sec

RGB 30 x 22 sec on each channel, all binned 3x3

Calibrated and stacked in APP, stacks combined and LRGB composition in APP, processed further in AP and GIMP.  Lots of small galaxies in the image, PI's annotation only picks up the more prominent ones. I'm intrigued by the group  of tiny reddish objects in the bottom left hand corner, how distant are they, I wonder?



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