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Rosette Nebula

Skipper Billy

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I'm currently trying to process a version of the rosette nebula. I have not been able to do any imaging over the last 5 years and when I stopped I just purchased a CCD camera and Pixinsight. The images I had taken I did not bin my RGB and now wondering after seeing your image to maybe bin the colour from now one as the green and blue channels seem to have the most noise. Was it difficult jump to go exclusively to Pixinsight ?

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Hello Ian,

Given the desperate weather situation over the last couple of years I have decided that its not sensible to allocate more than a full night on one target. I work out how long I can image for then spend half that time on Lum binned 1x1 and the other half split equally on RG and B binned 2x2.

I have only ever used Pixinsight and whilst many talk about a steep learning curve I prefer to see it as a different way of thinking. I probably only use 20 processes and whilst I wouldn't claim to have mastered them I do have a pretty good idea of what they do.

The above image was processed on an uncalibrated screen and now I have seen it on a calibrated screen I have had to reprocess it - see below.

In my opinion - Pixinsight is well worth sticking with.




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