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Walking on the Moon

Observing and Imaging in Tenerife.


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That's it folks.

This damned weather has finally driven me away. :)

I can't believe after booking the flight last June, that in just over a weeks time a mate and I are off to Tenerife for a week to do some observing and imaging at 2,000m above sea level.

Surely there will be some clear skies at that altitude, please!!!

Can't flipping wait to get away from all this light pollution either!


Now where's me sun cream? :)

Has anyone got any contacts at the observatories there so we can arrange a visit? So far no response from anyone at all despite lots of prospective E Mails.

Does anyone have any ideas for some images I could try and take while I'm there?

Hopefully I will be able to post some reasonable images on here when I get back.


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It's a complete week of astronomy. Staying at the Parador Hotel in the middle of the National Park at the base of Mt. Teide.

There are scopes and mounts to use that are based there.

Just think, no Neighbours, and crystal clear (I hope) dark skies.

I have been twice before and the skies are so good you can watch the Milky Way rising...

From Home, I'm lucky to see it at all. The Pipe Nebula is a naked eye object.

How many days to go?

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