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Summer Triangle Challenge

Help with info on these binoculars pls

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Hello all. 

Just found these while clearing family home, they are well made, and feel quality, sort of remid me of the older leitz with the same sort of smooth action metal focusser. 

Were are selling alot of stuff to raise money for a charity he supported and i dont know what they may be worth or anything about them. 

Google paragon reveals nothing. 

Thanks Gary 










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Nice looking pair of binoculars 😊..I've never seen a pair like them before.

They could be German perhaps?🤔They don't look Russian to me as the latter tend to have quite distinctive coloured coatings..these look as though they could be uncoated.

Have you looked through them?




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Thanks, yes they are very very sharp, but a bit of lack of contrast, maybe need cleaning inside, although no signs of fungus or anything, but a bit hazy, well collimated and sharp though. 

Lens do lool coated, sort of a brown colour like my old swifts. 

Cant find these anywhere online at all. 

Just don't mnow what to ask for them, maybe ill just action them online see what happens. 


Appreciate the reply. 


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Those are almost certainly of Japanese origin. I got 3 very similar pairs. They were sold by a number of brands -- in Germany by "Beroflex", "Bob Optik", "Soligor" for instance.

Here is mine in 10x40. I like them -- but mine has the focus wheel on the other side, which handles quite nicely. I saw them with the focuser in the normal position too however.


Mine still has the "JTII"-sticker which was attached after quality control in Japan.



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I'd agree they look probably of JPY origin and were sold under a number of brand names. Similar to the Swift trilyte or Chinnon (dixons premium brand) did a similar model, 70s-80s quite likely. Close focus is likely the limiting factor (4m or so) but they should be sharp enough. Contrast can be improved (if it's not just dirty lenses) by flocking the front tubes behind the objective lenses but you'd need to be able to retain/realign to maintain collimation. On the pairs I have they use eccentric lens rings so don't just unscrew the rings else collimation would be lost.

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Oh, I just noticed that you can still see some parts of the JTII Japanese quality control sticker on them, too. Like on my pair but incomplete. So that means they are definitely from Japan. Which IMHO is a good thing. A large part of my collection are vintage Japanese binoculars. Optically they are often very good. Brightness of course is an issue because of the older coatings and they have no phase correction coatings. In case alignment is okay, I'd say they might be worth between 60-100 €, so slightly less in £.

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