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Walking on the Moon

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Nice John, I love Astropics with trees and house tops in. I sent a picture to the people I work with at work because they know I'm into astronomy, it was one I did of Orion and you could just see the ariel from next door and the bottom of my shed in it. The people I work with were joking about and would only comment on where the ariel was and that they could hardly see the shed! Now when I send them a picture in they try and make sheds and ariels out of the stars, dot to dot like, I've got an awesome boss, funny too.

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Nah, but remember the recent water on mars discovery, well my boss came up to me as I was reading the sky at night magazine and said something like "yea we found water on mars, look" and in his hand was a mars bar which he had run under the tap so it had water on it! Haha

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