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Bearings outer ring is moving !

Ali Alhawas

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I am changing all bearings of the atlas eq-g mount now, just I noticed something weird :

The outer ring of the bearing is moving slowly when I tested while it inside the casing, see picture.

I get back to the old one.. Its the same..

Also I did some web search .. Conflict opinions .. some say leave it its normal, It will fixed by loading other parts.. some say It is not normal and you have to solve it ,they suggested the followings :

1- Make some small notches in the casing so fraction is made and the bearing well not move , or

2- Add some Loctite glue to make it fit.

What do you suggest ?

Any reply well be appreciated.





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The outer ring of the bearing should not move. You wont get accurate tracking if the bearing can move in its housing.

Depending how slack it is I would shim it - start with a thin strip of cooking foil around the outside of the bearing and keep adding more foil until its a firm push fit. 

If you get to lots of strips then try a strip from a juice can - easy to cut with scissors.

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The small clearance between the bore and bearing will allow the bearing outer race to turn.
However when you fit the shaft and taper bearing at the other end and add a little bit of preload with the round nut, it will almost certainly hold the outer race in place with out slipping.

Or a tiny bit of shim as mentioned by Skipper.
I wouldn't use Loctite in this case as it will make disassembly much more difficult in the future.



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