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My trusty and much loved Vixen GP carries my fav scope so well, still silky smooth considering it’s age. When I’m in the mood for alt-az I have a UA Doublestar tandem mount, the image shows dual saddles but I have removed the unused saddle to save weight.



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2 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

My trusty and much loved Vixen GP carries my fav scope so well, still silky smooth considering it’s age

The Vixen GP mount was made to carry a 4" frac imo, a perfect match. I've had a couple of the original green GP's over the years and they were excellent portable GEM's. The GP2 is exactly the same mount but in white, a move Vixen made around 2004, so they matched the color scheme of their new Sphinx range at that time.

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Here's my Genesis SDF mounted on an old Polaris mount (not Super Polaris). Standing fully extended the eyepiece as shown in the first pic stands at around 6 feet high on an Orion field tripod and half pillar. Not the lightest set-up, but a solid super smooth mount when in altazimuth mode for sweeping the sky.


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8 hours ago, Sunshine said:

Wow! I am surprised to see that 152 on an LXD-55, it carries it without issue? I wouldn't have thought.

God no 😂 barely at all, but at the time it was my biggest mount and I need to get the 152 set up on something to do some daytime testing after I did some work fixing it up. Never even got to do a proper star test though. 

When I am eventually reunited with it after 8 long years, it will go on either the Skytee-2 if it copes, and/or and EQ6-R Pro. 

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Finally some clear skies! I've been waiting for months for a chance to image. Weather here in Nantes has been terrible since November. Covid and work didn't help too...

But yesterday the sky was crystal clear since the morning, and the Moon was out of sight, so it was now or never :) 

I started imaging the Pleiades, and once it was high enough in the sky, gave C/2022 E3 ZTF a try. Everything worked flawlessly, I guess the time spent preparing and organizing the gear is bearing fruits! Now it's time for some flats :) 

I really love this mount, it's tiny but mighty, so well made and very reliable. I also love the fact I can carry everything in and out, and not bother about balancing when it's freezing outside. 


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