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Walking on the Moon

I need images of common stars and constellations.


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Hi all, new member. I am just getting back into astronomy first the first time in about 15 years. As I use the terrific Anki application (http://ichi2.net/anki/index.html) for learning, I figured that I would make Anki decks with common starts and constellations. For my own use I could just find photos on the web but I figured that if I were to let other Anki users download the deck the images had better be free to redistribute. So, if anyone has any photos of recognizable stars in context with other stars and constellations, and would like to have his work published, please let me know.

Just so that things will be clear, I'm not making any money on this. Anki is a free program, and many Anki users publish their learning decks for free as well.


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