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11 hours ago, John said:

I used to have a .965 inch Vixen 20mm Kellner with my Astro Systems newtonian and that was a great little eyepiece. Not the widest of views of course but very sharp and contrasty. 






That's lovely John! I was allowed to borrow a 0.96"  25mm K from a Burnley telescope manufacturer called 'Cosmotron' (remember them?). It had a grey volcano top and I used it for a short time in my 60mm Prinz Astral. That little Kellner transformed that telescope. However, I was conscious the eyepiece didn't belong to me and so I returned it too soon really. It didn't occur to me to buy it, although it was probably beyond my financial means at the time, as I was only a poor apprentice, coughing up my weekly wage to my mum and getting £7 spending money in return.  Happy days! 🌞

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On 20/02/2023 at 14:41, Stu said:

When I say set, I suspect there may be a 4 and 5 as well but not sure.

There was a 4mm and 5mm and also a 9mm and 25mm.

From Vixen 1991 catalogue.


Web capture_10-3-2023_73759_yumarin7.sakura.ne.jp.jpeg

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