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Novice Challenge

Chalk-/charcoal sketch of the Golden Handle with some obstacles


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Dear all,
yesterday, the weather forecast promised a clear evening with just a few small cumuli, so I prepared everything for a lunar sketch: Putting the Dobsonian to the terrace, collecting the sketching material and dressing up for -2°C.
In the end, the sketching session was not as relaxing as expected. There was some poor seeing due to the heatings from the houses here in the city, then neighbours opened the window and that lead to an outage of visibility for five minutes.
When I then had done half of the sketch, the clouds became more and the moon was gone.

So I had to finish the sketch in the north of Promontorium Laplace from memory afterwards.

Here's the result:


Telescope: Martini 10" f/5 truss-tube Dobsonian
Eyepiece: ExploreScientific 6.7mm/82°
Date & Time: February 11th, 2021 / 2015-2115 CET
Location: home, Dusseldorf region, Germany
Technique: Koh-i-Noor chalk, extra charcoal and whitecoal pens and pieces on black Hahnemühle Ingres mould-made pastel paper
Size: 24x31cm

Clear skies!


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