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Brand New Skywatcher 200P OTA arrived with 50mm x 20mm corroded patch on primary mirror!!??


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Hey all! Just wanted to post about my recent experineces. I bought a brand new Skywatcher 200P OTA with SW HEQ5 Mount. When I was inspecvting the optics of said OTA, to my shock and horror I noticed an approximately 50mm x 20mm corroded patch/Blemish on the primary mirror!!?? Has anyone else ever had a similar experience when buying brand new equipment!? Obviousely I was right on the phone to Wexphoto Video, whom I bought the 'scope and mount from, and to their credit they offered me a replacement 'scope/mount immediately, no accusing me of being dihonest etc. as I had feared they would, because you just don't expect brand new equipment to have such a bad fault straight from the manaufacturer!? The replacement OTA/Mount arriving tomorrow, so fingers crossed lightning won't strike twice!? LOL. So has anyone else had a similar experience ?? Thanks. Wes, Liverpool.

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Hi Rob! My friend, I giggled when I read/saw your comment because I always normally do buy from FLO! LOL. The reason I bought from Wexphoto video was because it was November last year, and due to Rona, there was a bad stock shortage across the UK! Wexpjoto video had the last 200P/HEQ5 package left in stock in whole of UK! ( I believe i'm correct in saying this because I searched literally every major retailer of these products across UK and all were out of stock for aforemntion package, and most other popular Telescopes/Mounts/Packages etc! My goodness the very popular Skywatcher 200P Skyliner Dobsonian Telescope was rare than rocking horse poo!! LOL. I even paid roughly £400 approx over the normal prices, because of reasons above! The Pandemic ( as you will remeber yourself ) basically ruined the shipping/supply routes and caused huge increases in retail costs that pretty much remain to this day!? Absolute nightmare when you consider our beloved hobby is already very expensive!? LOL. Wes.

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On 10/02/2022 at 10:15, Robindonne said:

Thats why, always buy at 



To be fair, Wex have done exactly what you would expect to correct what would appear to be a manufacturing defect - I'm not sure FLO would or could have done anything different.

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