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JMI Event Horizon Crayford with Smartfocus

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I decided to equip my JMI EV with Smartfocus, a computer driven system, compatible with MaxIm DL.

Everything is working fine, but the connection of the PC with the Smartfocus box,

and the computer does not recognize the Smartfocus and the JMI EV.

I have a lap top computer with Vista 32 bits, and, as all computers now, it has USB 2.0 and no more Serial connection.

I use a Serial - USB Adapter which was stored on my shelves for two years, at least, and I think that the problem is coming from incompatibilities between the Adapter and Windows Vista (This troubleshooting case is mentioned in the JMI internet site, in fact).

I am looking for adapter compatible with Vista on European electronic suppliersI am living in France).

Unfortunately, the Windows Systems compatibilities are not generally mentioned.

Has anybody had this kind of problem, and, in such a case, how it has been solved ?

Thanks in advance.

Robert Claveyrolas

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I use a serial to usb convertor to connect my scope to laptop, can't remember what brand it is (doesn't say on the connector), but it's a "prolific" PL2303 rs232 chipset. Works fine under XP and Vista. If you can find an adapter with that chipset you should be fine.

One thing to check first though (assuming you haven't' already), in the device manager, see if vista has allocated a com port for your adapter (without having anything plugged into the adapter). Usually usb->serial adapters end up with a high com port number such as 9+ and most software will only try to auto detect on ports 1-4.

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Thanks a lot.

You are certainly right. I thought Vista has allocated a correct port, because the adapter is recognised, and declared has working properly by the Computer, but iI have not checked the com port number.

I will do that before the end of the week.

My adapter is a Lindy one (German company) :


it is a PL2303.

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