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21cm band. Refurbishing the dish with a new Cantenna.

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Hi ZiHao,

I think I've found one error.  It was the r = r +/- delta_r bit and obviously for QII & QIII there is only one solution which is the r = r + delta_r one.  I still have quite a lot of further non-standard points.  Here's a cleaned up version:


I'm tempted to download the LAB stuff and see what happens if I chart that.

Thanks for your help.







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I feel I've got as far as I can go here.  I've suppressed some of the worst invalid numbers.  So here is my plot with its asymptote at 180 degrees (I don't know what I can really do about that) compared with the same plot for LAB values on the right.

image.png.70c13a8c966e4d7600d940844236e3fe.png image.png.80d7857420ea0d3ca3eb5b854c0cd224.png

Now I think I'll spend some time thinking about rotation curves.

Thanks for reading this far and thanks @Victor Boesen and @ZiHao for your support and help.

Kind regards


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