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Future imaging setup

Mike W

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Just thought I`d post a picture or two of what I hope will be my future setup for imaging. The main scope is a S/W Equinox 120 ed and the other a W/O ZS 80II on a EQ6 pro goto. I recieved an ADM dual mounting system from FLO a couple of weeks ago and decided to set it up yesterday to see how it looked, and I must say that I am well happy with it. The next step now is to decide on which way to go with a camera setup, DSLR or CCD, at the moment I get the impression thet the 1000D is the flavour of the month due to all the good reviews its been given and of course its reasonable price, but I`ve also got my eye on the QHY8 but quite a bit more expensive. While I ponder over that I`ve embarked on building a pier for more of a permanent fixture, the parts are being machined at this moment in time so I`ll post some pics in the near future. Thanks for looking.




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Beautiful rig there. It will produce the goods for sure, weather allowing of course.

Even if they are parked in the house, you have to admit they make an eyecatching centrepiece. Mind you, the womenfolk have a totally different take on that subject. All I hear is, "How much longer is that thing going to be parked in here".)

Ron. :)

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Thanks for the replies folks, it seems to be taking me ages to get to where I want to be, and expensive too!

Ron, I understand where your coming from, if I push a bit too far I end up with picture but no sound for the day.


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