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Orion sky view pro declination motor worm gear not engaging

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Hi guys just converted my sky view mount to goto using the orion kit, all works fine apart from the dec motor, worm gear seems to jump in and out of engagement and makes a horrendous noise doing it. Have tried two different motors both new and same result, also tried the motors unloaded and both the same so eliminated tight a mount worm gear. Power is 12v dc via a 10A power brick and also tried two different motor control units, pretty sure this is a mechanical problem and heard rumours that its possible to adjust the motor gear train by a single screw adjustment but can't find any instructions etc for doing it, anyone got some suggestions.

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Hi guys Dec motor problem solved, wasn't a mechanical gear train problem after all. Took the whole motors assembly off the scope and examined it piece by piece, turned out it was a fault on the wiring of the interface between the RA motor and the Dec motor which is mounted on inside the cover for the RA axis motor. Thought when I first found it that it may have been the ferrite toroid mounted on the cable possibly shorting across the back of the plugs, its a tight fit to get the cover on and you need to be careful of where the cables/plugs etc. are positioned. Final conclusion though is its the wiring probably a bad/dry joint or maybe even a wrong wiring configuration, didn't bother closely checking over the wiring as I had a direct replacement in the kit that Orion have sent me. All working fine now.

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