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Cheers chaps. I should have left it another day to avoid the harsh shadows but its such a tempting target!!

How are you getting on with your DMK Ron?

Oh!, I keep looking at it in the Flight Case Gaz. I know I should really be Active with all this gear I've got, but I'm determined I'm going to be all set up in the Obs. before kicking off.

I started a major alteration to the Obs. The warm room is going to double as a second Ob. to site the 180 Mak/Newt. The roof rail system will be such that I can select which Unit I want to use, either the room with the Pier mounted EQ6 Pro, or the other one with The 12" LX90. Whichever room is not in use, becomes the warm one.:). This has taken a whole load of time, mainly due to the persistent foul weather we've had up here. My garden is a quagmire. At least all the brickwork is complete. I just have a pier to plant in concrete, and erect the Timber to adjoin the second building to the existing one. I had thought of doing a hexagonal dome structure like Dave (Centroid), but decided against it in the end.

I think most will be thinking, this idiot is never going to do owt:D.

I'm getting there, but the old bones don't help either. Not as agile as I once was. That sounds like an excuse, doesn't it. :mad:


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