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Owl nebula (M97)


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Wonderful, wonderful to be out again :lol::) Shame I had to pack up for work at 11.00pm :)

The Owl nebula is a planetary nebula with a 16 mag star at it's centre surrounded by cylindrical matter-pool (green) which in turn is surrounded by gas of lower ionisation (red).

It is about 6 000 years old and somewhere between 1 300 to 12 000 light years away.

Taken with NS8 Atik x0.5 FR Luminence 50x45 secs RGB each 15x45.

Very faint on screen with a 45 sec exposure. Apparently the green emission makes it brighter visually than photographically.

Fewer RGB subs than I would have liked cos had to go to work. The blue was a waste of time because there is obviously very little being emitted - didn't show up at all.


The quality of this image seems very monitor dependent

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sorry Martin , missed this one , ah now yes thats a beauty mate , lovely image, you are one up on me now with LRGB Martin, and you got the detail nice as well, a huge well done , i will wait till i get home to look at it on my tft screen , should be even better

Rog :lol:

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Looks good on my work LCD screen

Mr Daz.........My office Monday morning 9 o'clock SHARP!!! :lol::)

Very nice pic Martin, very nice indeed........You little tinker you!!

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