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Walking on the Moon

question for anyone with an EQ6 on a pier


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ok im in the final planning stage for an obsy and need to know how high is the scope mounting point on an eq6 mounted on a pier. obviously everyone's will be different and it doesn't need to be accurate but it'll give me an idea so i can work out viewing angles etc.

p.s. can you give distance from the bottom of the pier not the floor you walk on if possible

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Can't give you exactly what you want but you can easily work out the height of the 'scope mounting point from the base of the mount and add it to my dimension - can't get to the dome at the moment!

My pier height from base of pier to base of EQ6 mount is 910mm. This works very well with my dome that has a base to bottom of aperture height of 1440mm.

Hope that helps.

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Not too sure what you are after here, my mount dovetale is around 1.54 metres from the concrete base when the scope is pointing north (it's highest point).

That is.... a 1.1 metre pier plus 44cm from the base of the EQ6 head to the mounting dovetail when at it's highest point.

But you can make it whatever height you need by making the Pier a different height.:)

You need to work out how high you want the scope to be so it can see over the walls of the obs and still be able to see as low in the sky as you need to, but you are still able to reach the drawtube and fit the scope under the roof and then make the pier to achieve that height.

The type of scope will affect this, a 1200mm newt will restrict how high you can go as the drawtube will end up pretty high.

whereas a refractor will not be such a problem as the drawtube will be low.

With a large Newt it's always going to be a trade off between how low you need to be able to see and how high the drawtube of the scope will be.

I use a Large newt and when mounted the Drawtube is 2.1 meters from the base ( not the floor of the obs) and the top of the scope only just fits under the roof when its closed.

I was unable to see over the walls enough to image M16 so I incorporated a removable section to allow for this, luckily there was a window in the place where I needed the wall to be lower.

Hope this helps and I have not totally missed what you wanted to Know.



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Build one with sections. Honestly!

If you use a 12" Newt. you need a low pier or you can't reach the top of the 'scope. If you use a refractor you need a tall pier or you end up crawling on the floor.

The long and short of it is (pun intended BTW) it depends on your 'scope as well as if you prefer standing or sitting down viewing.

Kaptain klevtsov

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thanks guys, i realise the pier height is up to me, just wanted an idea what you were using as given the weather it looks like i ll be putting the outer shell up first before the pier support and pier itself are done. figures pretty much confirm what id planned for the height of my south facing wall :)

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