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Image Preview Software for Nikon D50?


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As the nikon d50 (2005) does not have live view and is not compatible with any astrophotography capture software does anyone know of any photography software that could possibly show me a preview of my image after I take it?

Thanks in advance.

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If you are looking for software then are you wanting to connect via a laptop or tablet ?

One way to view images from the D50 is to view it as an external hard drive. If on a tablet then you can view via MPT host and they don't ( As far as I know ) actually down load but are visible as with any camera. To connect a device without the correct USB connection then you'd need an OTG ( On the go ) adapter. Again, as with any camera I know of.

Adobe Photoshop will remote fire a D50 via WIA control and will also view the files as a remote hard drive. It won't do both at the same time unfortunately.

There were a few bits of software that were reported to work but I can't remember what they are. I think QDSLR was one or maybe Digicamcontrol ?

I know for a fact that Maxim DL 5 works fully with the D50 as I have used it !

The main way of controlling the D50 was via an IR remote and I believe a smart phone can sometimes be persuaded to work but no viewer unless the OTG cable works. No idea, not tried that.


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