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M13 against the moonlight


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After 60+ days of not getting any useful images out of my cameras, the weather gods finally realised that it wasnt funny anymore, and gave me an entire night to play with the stars. The fact that I kind of messed up most of the night doesnt really count :lol:

This was taken on Friday morning, fighting the 68% illuminated moon. Its kind of washed out the colours, but I`m not all that bothered by that. Discovered some flex in the system (C11 vixen dovetail maybe?), so had to decrease the length of each sub to reduce trailing

OTA: C11 @ f/10

Guiding: Skywatcher ED80 + Starlight Xpress Lodestar + PHD

Imaging: M25C + MaximDL, 42×150s, IDAS

Stacked: DeepSkyStacker

Post Process: PSCS2

(Click on image for larger version)


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Very nice Steve, you caught lots of pin-points. Also happy you were able to get out with the kit again. We all know what that's like when the weather is against you. Best wishes that you can get more time under the stars.



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Thanks all, glad to get out imaging again, and HIGHLY alarmed at how much the sky has changed. I did have to double check when I saw Cygnus rising in the east early in the morning :)

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Its my first real M25C image, due to the persistant dew spot issues I get on the outside of the nosepiece glass. I used a possible solution thursday night, but not sure if it worked because of what I did, or due to the lack of any real moisture in the air that night

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Was wondering where you where Steve! The C11 has done a great job on that, I see even the really faint stuff that usually gets lost in the noise shows as being rounded stars, very nice.

How does the M25C fare with grabbing the colour on this target? Compared to the qhy8 say? There's a lot of M13 images floating about with some very pronouced yellow stars in, and certainly Noel's enhance star colour tool brings a few out, but I wondered if you had noticed any difference between the two cameras as regards star colour?



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Lovely image Steve.

Great detail showing at the core of the glob.

Hope you don't mind me saying and you are probably aware already, that there appears to be some vignetting towards the corners?

Hope you don't mind me pointing that out!

I know if I post, I like people to tell me if they see something like that.

Good to see you back Steve.


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TJ - as this is my first real successful image with the M25C, and shooting against a washed out sky, it would be unfair to make any comparisons with QHY8. I will one day... honest!

Barry - you should see the original unstacked subs! I`m just amazed at what got spat out of DSS, so I`m happy with anything that I can post here. (First rule of astro club is I dont talk about the appalling flex-induced trailing in the 3 hour M51 sequence that I canned... oops!)

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