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Star shapes and guiding

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1 hour ago, powerlord said:

could this just be tilt

If it's the Baader cc, astigmatism. The cc needs to be closer to the sensor. Tilt, yes. The GSO does not hold collimation out of the box. 

There's other stuff, if you can confirm the id of the cc.


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18 hours ago, powerlord said:

 55mm from sensor.

Lose the Baader (tilt-prone) adapter and go with the m48 connection instead. This needs to be at least 58mm from the sensor. 

To check collimation and tilt you really need to execute the modifications we mentioned.


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Tada !


other than the very top left - pixel peep away Mr @vlaiv !!

Me thinks I can live with that.


top left could be my distance to baader mk3 still a bit out.

but considering the secondary had a chunk out of it, that looks pretty good to me!

Also I appear so far at least, to have sorted the initial problems out somehow, possibly connected with the fact the thing has been taken apart and put together a bunch of times by now.

what was the big issue from last time you ask ? that'll be me thinking that the mirror was loose on the 3 clamps, and tightening them all... not realising that was the last thing you do. hence optics were pinched to bits.

So.. after the last effort I'd given up and ordered a new SW 150p-DS, but I've emailed them to say cancel, because tbh it seems to be working fine now. agreed ?


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9 minutes ago, powerlord said:

other than the very top left - pixel peep away Mr @vlaiv !!

Me thinks I can live with that.

Well, if you are happy - I'm happy as well :D

It is indeed big improvement on the start one.

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2 minutes ago, powerlord said:

oof. a sense you would not be happy ? I'm all for getting it better, if it's within my capabilites. What are you thinking ?

I personally would not be happy with stars like that in my image and would seek the way to further improve them.

To my eyes there are three corners that show issues - which again points to some sort of tilt.

Now, these are minor imperfections and I've myself have had images with astigmatic stars in corners, so it will depend on you if you want to pursue that. For some reason, I feel that stars need to be as good as possible over the whole FOV.


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