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Aurora! My dream came true! (4K timelapse, photos and video)

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Last friday I suddenly became aware that the conditions for aurora (northern lights) were very promising. It was about 10 pm and I was planning on watching a film with my wife but suddenly the plans were changed!

I rushed out to see if I could catch some of the beauty of the skies. The result: 3265 images for timelapse as well as some filmed material and some of the best aurora photos I have taken.

I have put it all together in this video, I really hope you will enjoy it with me. It is one of those nights I will remember for the rest of my life!




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34 minutes ago, Pete Presland said:

Fantastic photos and video! Love hearing the waves lapping against the shore during your captures, thanks for sharing your special memories 🙂 

Thanks, Pete! I have found the working a bit with the audio enhances the experience of the video. Unfortunately the wind was very strong this time and I didn´t have time to set up proper wind covers for microphone :)

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18 minutes ago, FenlandPaul said:

Congratulations, Martin! And great video - stunning location too.

I’m off to Senja in Norway in the Autumn and hope to be able to capture a lot of aurora then - can’t wait!

I´m sure that will be an experience you´ll never forget! I dream of going there myself :)

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