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Well who could believe it last Friday night.   One of those rare nights. I was not knackered from work, it was actually clear in the NW, the seeing was not too bad at all, various members of the family were not demanding my attention and it was not too cold or windy. Incredible! I was able to make one of my few trips into the garden to enjoy the moon. Here are a few images.

All taken with ASI385 10% of 2000

The first one is Mare Humorum with 250mm VX10L 

Second and Third are Aristarchus and Schroter's Valley, first with an 80mm frac and then with the 250mm Newt. Both are about the same focal length. Thought the resolution would have been better with the 250mm TBH.  I am sure there is a reason but I am not knowledgeable enough to know why. 

Final image is Aristarchus and Schroter's Valley using a 2.5x Powermate. Interesting looking at all the features around the valley as the emerge from the morning gloom.



250mm prime 10% 2000.tif 80 mm x3 10% 2000.tif 250mm prime 10% 2000.tif 250mm x2 10% 2000 x2.tif

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