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Some more setting up with the new mobile rig , done a few Lunar and spent the rest of the evening sorting the guiding out , that seems fine now , so just processed one image of lunar , not sure if its me tonight but the seeing looked rather dull on the moon , Hmmm oh well here is my attempt.



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Naaa theres something not right tonight, i could,nt get the sharpness in the imaging ,really cant get my head around it , never had this problem ever whilst imaging the Lunar,just wondering now if the camera is all ok , and focusing was very trim slightest movement and out it went , strange ?? , still think it maybe the conditions up there ,


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I was going to suggest that you may just be tired Rog.

The Image looks perfectly sound. Loadsa detail, and focused nicely.

You didn't have some red before you went out did you?:lol:

Only kidding mate.:blob8:


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