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Atik filter wheel


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I am thinking of buying an Atik motorized filter wheel. I wonder what real world impressions owner of these wheels may have. I am thinking of the model with carousel for 5x50 mm unmounted filters with an additional carousel for 7x36 mm filters unmounted. I am particularly interested in learning how the wheel performs in terms of precise filter centering, easy of switching of the carousels and potential issue with driver, firmware and Windows 10.

Thank you for your help


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My EFW3 (and my previous EFW2) has performed flawlessly for several years and it lives in a cold observatory for 6 months every year.

Every filter centres perfectly every time and the firmware/driver has never crashed - it runs through N.I.N.A under Windows 10. Zero issues.

Changing the carousel isn't difficult but involves removing the small screws that hold the cover on - then removing the carousel - pop the new one in and replace the cover and screws.


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3 minutes ago, Gianluca67 said:

What is the maximum thickness of filter I can put in the carousel? I have 3 photometric filters that are 3 mm thick and the star analyser 200 that is 7.7 mm thick.

That I don't know - if you click on the 'Ask a question' button on this page I am sure one of the people at FLO will be able to tell you.


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Not had mine as long as David (above)!

Chroma unmounted 50mm fits with about 1mm to spare (width ways).

Use with CCDciel - all fine.

Well made, no obvious light leaks from the actual housing.

Have just sorted (today) slight light leaks with the narrowband filters I've had a few months - around the carousel 'gap'.

Chroma filters = 3mm thick. Couldn't get flat masks to grip the filters so they rattled in the carousel.

Tried those BuckeyeStargazer 7x Filter Centering Masks for ZWO & Atik Filter Wheels (FLO), but could't get the flange to fit between the wall of the carousel and the filter (hence the light leak). Think the masks would be perfect for the Astrodon filters as they are not quite so big, so the mask flange would fit.

Instead, got some Nitrile O Ring - 50mm ID x 1mm C/S


From: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293507150651?var=59231090278

Holding carousel up to halogen desk lamp - all now look great! Plus the rubber ring holds filter in place so no rattle!


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