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Auto focuser for GSO style crayford focuser

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Hi folks,

Some years ago I upgraded my old Skywatcher 200mm Newtonian's rack and pinion focuser with a GSO Crayford focuser. It's ok, but I do find that when imaging, if I lock the focuser the image shifts. Because of this, I tend to just increase the friction since this does not have the same result. 

I'm now looking to get an auto-focuser such as the ZWO EAF, to be controlled via remote laptop. However, the GSO is said to be incompatible with the EAF. In fact I've not seen any other auto focusers which looks as though they will fit. Does anyone here have the GSO and, importantly, resolved this issue?





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10 minutes ago, StevieDvd said:

Saw this one mentioned deepskydad



Thanks Steve, that looks promising. An Issue I may have though is that with camera and filter wheel fitted, the 1:10 micro adjuster just spins - I guess it cant take the load. The course adjuster is fine though. The Deepskydad solution appears to only work by a drivebelt on the micro.

Thanks for the heads-up though - it's something I can look into (may even be as simple as increasing the tension in the micro-adjuster... if that can be done?

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