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Walking on the Moon

450D first light


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I had the chance to try out the new DSLR last night, it was also my first crack at imaging M81 / M82.

It was fairly painless, apart from discovering that MaxDSLR doesn't support the 450D and then having to try and learn the EOS capture software on the fly :lol:

William Optics ZS80 FD with TV2008 reducer flattener

EQ6 pro guided with a Bresser 70mm frac / QHY5

Canon 450D, IDAS P2 LP filter

15 x 6min subs with darks, flats and bias

First is the un-cropped version with a couple of bonus NGC galaxies and the second is a tight crop of M81/M82.



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I'm a happy 8unny indeed Peter. Getting a bit nervous now though as tomorrow's the day I rip it apart and chuck the Baader filter in it :lol:

I'm glad I got the chance to try it un-modded so that I have something to compare it to.

Jarndyce; I'm sure if you ask him nicely......

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Just take your time have a printed copy of the Gary Honis mods alongside ya tick things off as you do them and then again as you put it all back together...

I use a compartment small parts box and put the parts from each stage in a different compartment...

You will probably spend ages tryign to get the original filter out without breaking it... and it will still end up going in the end...So i dont bother trying anymore...

Watch for dust between the inside faces of the filter and the senosr whhen you put it all back togetehr or you end up takign it all apart to get it out ...


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Lovely images Ian. The 450d is a superb camera. The noise control is very good for a consumer SLR and there doesn't seem to be any amp glow with it. The self cleaning sensor is also a bit of a marvel... most of the dust doesn't hang around long.

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It's all been said but I'll still join in! Delicate, smooth and detailed with more M82 Ha than I would have expected.

On the not-quite-island of Portland it is absolutely forbidden to say Rabbit but the B word is quite okay. I wonder if the other Portland term 'Underground Mutton' will get past. Let's live dangerously and see...


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