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Canon Mirrorless Conversion?


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Hi, I'm interested in getting an astro modified Canon camera to use for widefield images with a Star Adventurer and down the line, no doubt, a larger mount.

I'm a photographer who has already made the switch from Canon DSLR's to mirrorless, including moving to RF lenses. This means the usual route of grabbing a modified DSLR would mean I can't use my current lenses. Is there a company that you're aware of that sells astro modified Canon RF mount cameras, or offers a service to convert them?

I currently own an R5 and R6, but, I'm not looking to convert these as I use them in my work as a photographer and can't take risks with them.

I'm thinking a secondhand EOS RP or EOS R would be a good platform for modifying.

I know I can use my current cameras unmodified, and I will :)


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Hello Chris

I havent heard of any of the usual suspects offering to convert the latest mirrorless cameras but it might worth pinging Juan at Cheap Astro an email and asking the question.


To be honest I would have a think about a dedicated astro camera - a really good second-hand COOLED astro camera is probably cheaper and certainly better than a modified mirrorless DSLR. Really good quality CCD cameras can be picked up very cheaply now as the relentless move to CMOS takes place.

EG - https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=182147



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