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Strange artifact with Tak100 and 60

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I was out tonight in very clear seeing between the clouds looking for the Hadley Rille (think I was successful, have posted a sketch in another thread). Anyway I noticed 2 dark lines coming in from the North West and from the South West from the edge of the view in the eyepiece. I rotated the eyepiece and the lines stayed put. I swapped eyepieces and the lines stayed put. I changed diagonal from Tak to Baader and the lines stayed put. I changed telescope (100DC to FS60Q) and it had the lines too. I was using a Nagler 3-6 zoom and a Tak TOE 2.5mm.

Has anyone else ever noticed this? 

I was told on another thread that Takahashi's can exhibit dark star spikes when imaging and am wondering if this is the same problem?

A pity as otherwise the views were stunning and razor sharp despite a ridiculously high magnification!



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Just as an update to this in case anyone is interested!

The symptom is radial dark lines coming in from the edge of the FOV. Changing eyepiece/diagonal/scope makes no difference. Slightly different pattern in each eye.

I was at my opticians today and he said I had the beginnings of cataracts coming in from the edge of my eyes which would very likely cause this.



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That's good news and bad news but the bad good news is that can be fixed later on in life. I remember my mother telling me that she spent a lot of her time cleaning and dusting then when she had her cataracts done she discovered that her house was in fact spotless and sparkling. Her cataracts had made her see otherwise.

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I should have added that he said from a normal vision point of view I should be good for 5 to 10 years which is good. I just hope the vision through the eyepiece does not deteriorate!



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