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SW PanaView 26mm EP

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I bought one of these from FLO


Please read whole item!

It got its first light on Wednesday night using my 10" F/4 SNT.

The views I got with it were pretty horrible, I just couldn't get to grips with it, coma, dark areas, CA so I thought ok no good for such a fast scope.

So Thursday night I used it on my SW 120ED F/L 7.5 same darn thing just didn't seem to work, now I am thinking maybe something wrong with it so it may have to go back.:lol:

After removing it, Muppet (Gonzo??) here finds the top of the EP rotates out, oh OK try again this time with the top rotated out. Works a treat, easy on the eye lovely nice crisp views right to the edge so clearly I had my eye too close to top lens.

I am one happy Muppet now, can't wait to try it on the SNT - that will test it out.

I also hope to compare it to some other makes at the SGL meet in April.

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LOL - I saw that coming as I have the 38mm and once forgot to wind the top out - thought I had gone blind for a moment :lol:

I can only assume the 26mm is as good as the 38 and I love the 38 - its got a really crisp highly contrasted view but the real appeal is I find it very comfy to use.

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Meade's 10" f4 SN is about as tough a test for eyepieces as you can get! Good to hear it is performing well. Good choice of focal length too. People often concentrate on high and low power eyepieces when it is often the medium magnifications that are most useful.

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