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Not an easy galaxy to image - NGC1512


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Hi All,

My latest completed image, the Barred Spiral galaxy NGC 1512, 38 million light years away in the constellation Horologuim.

This galaxy was quite difficult to image from my bortle 4-5 skies. The difficulty was in capturing the faint outer spiral arms, wheres as the galaxy's  double ring galactic nucleus structure was quite easily visible, even in a single 600 second sub. 

This image also includes a near by lenticular galaxy, NGC1510, which is in the process of merging with NGC1512, causing the tidal distortion of the outside spiral arms.

Imaged in Ha & LRGB with my QHY268M camera, through a C8 SCT at 2032mm focal length, tracked on a hyper-tuned CGEM mount for a total exposure time of 12 hours and 5 minutes.

Clear Skies,


NGC1512_SGL 14-31Dec2021HaLRGB.jpg

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