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Problems using SiriL IC for stacking

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I normally use DSS or SiriL for calibration, registration and stacking, but heard about SiriL IC (SiriL Image Converter) and decided to give a try. This was the outcome:


While same files processed in Siril, using the OSC_Preprocessing_Withoutdark script, resulted in this:


(Both images displayed in SiriL's histogram display mode)

The workflow used was this


using these parameters 


I've tried changing the stacking parameters and without calibration frames, always with even worse results.

Any clue of what's going on?

Thanks in advance.

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Let me see the parameters i use. Simple check would be to take a look at script generated by sirilic and compare with OSC_Preprocessing_Withoutdark one. The sirilic script can be viewed under Actions menu. Suspect its something to do with registration as first image looks all over the place.

EDIT: My parameters look similar to yours. I do use Darks but dont use Bias.

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12 minutes ago, kens said:

It looks like the registration stage has failed. Maybe you need to put in some registration options like Min Star Pairs

Done and didn't help. I don't think the failure is in the registration phase since I managed to stack correctly in SiriL the already registered intermediate files from Siril IC.

10 minutes ago, AstroMuni said:

Then check the log tab and see if it there are any errors showing up.

Didn't see any. I'll double check tomorrow.

Thank you both!

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10 hours ago, AstroMuni said:

Any luck?

Than you for asking @AstroMuni

No errors in the log. Moreover, I've realized that when I try to process images from 2 or more sessions, none of the Steps 1 & 2 work; and the script generated by Siril IC is incomplete. 

I'll ask in the Siril foum.

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