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A bridge on the moon!


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A bridge on the moon!
Look at the attached image, see what appears to be a "Bridge" where the crater Polybius K (arrow) is located.
This is made more evident by the fact that Polybius K is not a circular crater, it has an irregular shape, as well as the exact moment of capture and the angle of solar illumination collaborated to highlight this wrong impression.
In lunar observation, it is very easy for our brains to create or interpret things that do not actually exist.
In regions close to the terminator, the play of light and shadow often leads to these wrong comparisons.
 One of those most notable mistakes was the famous “O'Neill Bridge”, well described by my great friend Gilberto Dumont in the text "An Alien Bridge on the Moon: truth or myth?" (https://www.patoshoje.com.br/blog/uma-ponte-alienigena-na-lua-verdade-ou-mito-67775.html).
We cannot condemn this fact, if today with modern equipment and advanced photography techniques, many things still seem strange and can be misinterpreted (see the supposed hut found by the Yusu-2 probe, https://secretsdomundo.r7.com /cnsa-uses-chinese-probe-to-identify-mysterious-hut-on-the-moon/), what to say in the old days.
Anyway, lunar photography is a wonderful art, with or without optical illusions, it shows how our satellite is rich in strange formations, it shows that every photo is unique and every moment is unique making our satellite a world worthy of being appreciated.
Text: Avani Soares

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