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About time I said Hi !


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Hi ! :lol:

Joined the forum some weeks back now and have been reading post`s and searching topics and found it a great resource. So with out further Ado Id like to introduce to you.......ME, the names Brian and I live in South-Shire. I'm very new to Astronomy as Ive only just got my scope but have always had a fascination with the subject. This site has more than helped me so-far so now that I have made you all aware of my existence Ive no doubt it will continue to do so even more so............

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Welcome Brian to Stargazers lounge, as you have already found, we have an answer for every question, and look forward to your reports.

What scope have you got, and have you had a chance to use it yet?

naz :lol:

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Glad to meet you all.

Naz, I have bought myself an Orion GX 150 f5. Just need some good Sky's to put it under !

Trying to learn how to set and use the setting circles on the EQ5 at the moment. Have managed to set/align the polarscope but at the moment the setting circles, even after several reads of the manual not making sense :? (stop ya laughing) !

I'm sure I will have lots of questions to tease and bombard you all with in future posts. But till then thanks for welcoming me and making me feel at home :lol:

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