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OSC Rosette


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Had a string of moonless clear nights in Fort Wayne, which has only happened 1 other time since starting AP -

New location on the patio put about a 5 hour window on the Rosette and I made use of almost every minute! Full 10 hours.


IDAS NBZ 2" filter

Processing - 

Early Steps

AstroPixelProcessor for stacking + drizzling data

StarAlignment in Pix

DBE on Oiii


Luminance Pixinsight Processing:

Duplicated master Ha to use as the Luminance

DeCon - Get PSF from EZ


Save STF+HistogramTransformation Process

John’s Rista’s Denoise




Pixinsight Color Layer Processing

Separate Ha and Oiii linear masters - create Star Images

LinearStarNet script

STF to HistogramTransformation

MMT using the MMT process from earlier + Lum mask

Combine using ChannelCombination

R- Ha

G- Oiii

B - Oiii

HistogramTransformation to level background


Star Map Processing

PixelMath R=Hastars G=Hastars*.5+Oiiistars*.5 B=Oiiistars

ArcSinStretch to bring in colors a bit

HistogramTransformation to bring them the rest of the way to tasteful levels


Photoshop Processing

Combine the 3 Layers in Luminance, Color and Screen for stars

Curves adj. on color layer to even out shades to match Luminance data

Camera RAW on Lum+Color data to clean up and apply NR to dark areas

Selective Masking on Luminance to make areas punch through the color layer

Flatten (not star layer)


Selective Color

Saturation on Star layer

UnsharpMask to make stars a bit pointier


Export to 75% JPG



4 copy-denoise-denoise.jpeg

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