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Finally a bit of astronomy, resulting in a bit of M45


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I've been away from astronomy and SGL for far too long. I don't have a great excuse to be honest, other than having kids!

How are you all keeping? Good I hope? Some great images knocking about on the forum :)

The lovely skies last night finally tempted me back out there and I was pleasantly surprised to find all the hardware still working reasonably well (once a loose cable had been diagnosed). I kept it unambitious and decided to test out the kit on a quick grab of the nice, bright Pleiades. This is just 30x240s of luminance:


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Welcome back and great shot! The kids thing is difficult two small ones here as well but as soon as they in bed if it’s clear I am out! Only the Mrs is not too happy about that I tell her she married into me but also astrophotography… it’s a package deal!!!

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1 hour ago, SamAndrew said:

Glad to know you managed to find some time; our 2nd is on the way in a few months, don't see myself doing any astrophotography for a long time!

I think the problem is that first year of sleep depravation teaches you to grab sleep whenever you get the chance, then that's a difficult habit to drop!

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