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Maxbright 2 binoviewer or TS-Optics 1.25" Wide-field Binoviewer

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I have ordered the Baader Maxbright2 binoviewer but the seller told that is out of stock and may come only few months later.  The same I saw on other retailers.

Any idea if is worth waiting or shall I order the TS-Optics 1.25" Wide-field Binoviewer? Not too many reviews, at first sight it seems that the TS would have some slightly bigger clear aperture, same T2 connection and self centering eyepiece connection, but longer optical pass with 1 cm and heavier. How does it compare with a Maxbright?

Currently i have a Lacerta binoviewer, posted to be sold. Unhappy with the long tube on the telescope part (instead of a T2 connection) and I find very difficult to put the eyepieces right with the screws, when I am locking it, the eyepiece position is changing in all directions,  otherwise is fine  

Will use it with current Mak 127 (and trying to adapt to an achro SW 120/600), but planning to go with a Mak180/ C8/ maybe smaller binoviewer friendly APO in the future

Thank you!

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27 minutes ago, Marian M said:

Maxbright2 binoviewer

I don't know much about the Maxbrights's but have heard great reviews.

I have the William Optics Binviewers which are great with the NexStar 8se, I use the 20mm pair that came with them, and a pair of Celestron 32mm Omni Plossl eyepieces. 

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