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3 hours ago, alacant said:

Well done. You'll love it.


3 hours ago, alacant said:

Don't forget to remove the adapter and screw an extension onto the cc.

I'm still trying to get rid of some residual coma in my images and the CC could be the cause. Do you mean this ring:



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36 minutes ago, barbulo said:

this ring

Not just the ring. The adapter as well. You'll see two slots in the M42 thread. Use the blade of a knife to unscrew it:


On newer batches, the M42 connection was just about workable, but we'd still recommend losing it and going with m48.


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Hi again everyone,

so managed to get home from university to get a look to my gear. How do I unscrew this T2 thread for the coma corrector and add my extension?

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15 minutes ago, alacant said:

Spacer? You need a simple 4mm or 5mm m48 extension ring and your m48 adapter. That's it.

This one in 5mm would be fine:


What do you have? Post a photo?


image.thumb.jpg.d3013592710fb949987ff2568aa3f70b.jpgFfs I’ve looked it up and this wasn’t needed at all. 

The lack of information on Baader’s behalf is appalling. 

Really confused on what I need now… just want to get out with this new tube 

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