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iOptron Photron 6" RC

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I started doing AP around 8 or so months ago using the ASI 533MC-Pro & Samyang 135mm f2 lens & it seems to be going quite well (apart from the uk weather but thats a given really 🙄)
I'm wanting to broaden my horizons with a bit of planetary imaging & maybe some of the smaller galaxies, hopefully using the scope in the title. Whats really drawn me to it is the price as I dont want to spend a fortune getting into planetary imaging & also there seems to be no need for a coma corrector which brings the price even further down, I can also use my guide camera (ASI mm-s) as a planetary camera.
Now I appreciate that this scope is going to be far less forgiving than my Samyang 135 & I also hear that collimating can be more than trying. Has anyone here actually used one of these for imaging & whats the verdict? They are on FLO's website but advertised as 'unavailable please contact us'. I'm not sure if that means unavailable for good or not in stock at the moment, I have emailed FLO & should hear back from them this week.



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5 minutes ago, johninderby said:

I have the Classical Cassegrain version which I prefer for visual.


Thats a very nice looking scope, I was also looking at that but I think the RC is better at small galaxies. I may be wrong though as i've never really looked into RC's & CC's but the CC has a much longer FL so i'm assuming better suited to planets over the RC. I'm looking at the RC for both planets with my 120mm-s that I normally use as a guide scope & small galaxies (Sombrero, Bodes etc) paired with my ASI 533MC-Pro.

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