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JWST, at the second attempt

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After concluding on my previous thread that I was pointing the scope in the wrong place:icon_scratch: I had another go last night, again through frequent clouds.

This is 93 x 2 mins covering a 2 hr period, using the Esprit 150/IMX 571 OSC dual rig. I'm 99% certain the trail visible  right of centre, 75% up the  frame  is the JWST, the trail is the right length for the exposure duration and it is in the right place. It is also slightly curved, I didn't process out the near earth satellite trails, so it can be compared to these. The changes in brightness of the trail can be attributed to taking subs through varying amounts of cloud, and the object was climbing higher in the sky as the session progressed. The artefacts on the bright stars were caused by me not rotating the dome aperture properly so one scope was partially obscured during some of the session.

The trail appears to have a yellowish colour (due to being illuminated by sunlight, I presume) but alas, I can't make out the mirror...😉

I'll make a GIF animation from the best subs and post this also, the solved and annotated version is also attached. 




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