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Baader Clicklock with Extension

A McEwan

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Hi. I have a quick question about the item pictured: Baader 2" Clicklock 47mm Extension.

So, in the picture it looks like a 2" Clicklock adapter attached to an extension tube, which inserts into a 2" diagonal or visual back, etc.

What I need to know, is how does the Clicklock section attach to the extension tube? And, if detatched, does the Clicklock section then have a T-2 thread to enable it to be attached to other things?

Thanks for any light shed on this,

Ant  :) 

Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 14.18.43.png

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For sure it is not a T-Thread under the adapter.  The I.D. of the 2" adapter is 48mm for 2" filters.

The I.D. of the upper section is 50.8mm+ a bit.

T-Thread is only 42mm, so it would make no sense to make this adapter with a 42mm choke point in the middle.

Ergo, the thread in the middle, where the Click lock connects is probably larger than 50.8mm.

The drawing implies at least 50.8mm.

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