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Connecting guidecam to Zwo asi294mc pro?

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I am hopefully getting my zwo asi294mc pro camera soon and I use the asiair pro as my computer control for mount control, guiding and image taking. Currently I connect my zwo asi120mc-s guidecam direct to my asiair pro as I use a dslr for imaging presently. I've seen lots of videos where people connect the guidecam direct to the 294mc pro via the USB 2 connection, can I ask is this the preferred way to connect or is it still ok to connect my guidecam to my asiair pro directly as I do now? My set up consists of sw 72ed AzGti in eq mode with asiair pro. 

Mods feel free to move to the getting started with imaging thread if I'm in the wrong place. 

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1 hour ago, scotty38 said:

I have a 120mm mini and I connect it to my 294MC directly. I've never had an issue but my 120 is USB2 so if you need USB3 for any performance reasons direct to the ASIAIR would be better I guess.

Thank you, my zwo asi120mc-s is usb 3 but it's connected on the usb 2 side on the asiair pro, so I may just experiment to see if there's any difference connecting this way or direct to 294mc pro. Just didn't know if there was a reason to connect to the 294 mc pro, if I did I guess I'd have a usb port spare on the asiair pro. 

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2 hours ago, scotty38 said:

I can’t imagine needing usb3 if you’re only using it for guiding, like me that is. If you were using it for planetary video then perhaps so…..

Yep the USB 3 connection on the 120 mcs is probably just planetary uses for higher frame rate in that use, so just usb 2 is fine do will try the guidecam into the USB2 port the 294mc pro. 

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