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2021 Best Buy


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2021 was a busy year, both for buying and selling items. I was sad to see my ST80 and ASI178MM go, but they were all more than replaced. Between my Zenithstar 66, ASI485MC and 50 mm RACI finder, I don't know which to pick as the best buy of 2021. They all seem essential! I think the RACI wins by the slightest margin, as it has opened up hundreds of new targets for me.

Worst buy? I am afraid Worst Buy 2021 goes to the Baader Q Turret. Eyepieces tilted out of alignment and it was always too stiff.

What was your best buy?

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A pre-loved ST80 in pristine condition 🙂 !

Seriously, it's been my most used scope this year, partly because it's so serviceable at short notice, and partly because the weather hasn't given many opportunities to image with a bigger rig.

I also just recently bought a 2nd hand NEQ6 and so far am enjoying it very much.

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My first ever proper scope (my SW Heritage 150p Flex). It frustrates and delights me in equal measure, as I'm never 100% sure if collimation is right and have terrible trouble nudging exactly the right amount! But when it's good, the views can be superb....

Not that it's stopped me from eyeing upgrades, of course....😉😄

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Mine would be a good power station, this one: https://ecoflow.com/products/ecoflow-river-portable-power-station

I had a smaller celestron battery pack and a car battery jumper pack at first and it was never really reliable for long and dropped below 12V faster than i expected. Also had a 12V cable going out of my car door with the engine running when it was very cold outside 😆. Buying this power station just made all the problems go away in an instant. Has never run out mid session or dropped to voltages low enough to cause problems as it is regulated. Well worth the mone and a true worry free replacement for all the possible ways you could power a full photography rig 👍.

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