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This is going to be my last image for this year. I still have data waiting to be processed on my hard drive, but there won't be any more opportunities to collect more.

This is my take on this popular object, Melotte 15 or IC 1805.

I collected 4 hours and 40 minutes H-alpha and 7 hours RGB data for this image. Unfortunately, of those 7 hours, I could keep only 4 hours and 40 minutes, the rest was spoiled by clouds.

Gear: Skywatcher 190MN on a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 mount, with a ZWO ASI294MM camera.

Processing: PixInsight


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Beautiful image! I'm actually working on the same target at different focal lengths taken with my OSC ASI533 (Heart and then Melotte 15). I like that you've kept good star colours too, well done! 

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1 hour ago, peter shah said:

Lovely rendition...love the colour in this one

Thank you, Peter. My first version was a bit toned down. But then PixInsight crashed, I had to start over and decided on a different approach.

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