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Home Made Cradle for mounting accessories to OTA - e.g. Pegasus PowerBox


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Just been testing my new Pegasus Powerbox Ultimate and thought I would post my approach to a mounting solution.

The PB is a nice, but insanely expensive, unit and when it came to having to pay another £35 for the official mounting angles I baulked at it.

So, I made a cradle from scrap plywood to allow me to mount the unit directly on the OTA. Two bits of Aluminium angle left over from my greenhouse were used to mount the unit to the cradle (suitable aluminium can be bought for a couple of quid from the likes of Screwfix). The mounting is then held in place on the OTA with a non-slip Velcro packing band (Amazon). It took around 2.5 hours to make and cost a couple of quid.

This approach allows plenty of movement to facilitate balancing and in my case is particularly useful in helping to offset the asymmetrical balance on my Dec caused by my EFW and Focus motor – something which has so far made it impossible to balance my mount in all planes and angles at the same time.

Hope someone finds it useful. My next mini-project is to build a “third-axis” counter weight from scrap plywood, screw rod and 2” washers.




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