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An unexpected observing session

Mark at Beaufort

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Its Boxing night at 9pm and I went outside and noticed a totally clear sky with some mist. I checked the sky brightness which showed 20.29 so I thought I would try and see the Comet - C/2019 L3 (ATLAS) which was nicely placed just above Castor. I started with the 12x70 binos with no luck. I then used my Apollo 15x70 and I thought I might have seen something.

I decided to use my SvBony 90mm frac with EPs ES24 68 degree and my Celestron Ultima 17 mm and 10mm both 68 degree. Using the 17mm the Comet was very clear and I estimate around mag 10.

Clouds started moving over and the mist was increasing but decided to view a few more DSOs. Started in Auriga taking in M38 with nearby NGC 1907 (also checked out the Cheshire Cat) - then M36 and M37. M35 was really wonderful using the ES24 so moved over to M1. The Crab Neb was very clear especially using the 17mm and 10mm EPs. Moved down to Orion to view M42/43 - installed an Astronomic O-III to improve the view. Because Monoceros was nearby I thought I would have a go on the Rosette Neb. Without the filter I could only see NGC 2244 with the O-III it brought out the shape of the Nebula.

The 90mm frac was doing a good job so I had a look at M33 which again was very clear. More cloud moving in so I decide to end the session which was my first for many weeks with this ongoing terrible cloud cover.

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Great to hear you saw some sky, Mark👍.

Here in Lincolnshire it's been end to end grey skies and rain for over a week now..everything is sopping wet, with literally no end in sight in the next week or so.

Reading of others' better fortunes is definitely some compensation, so thanks for posting your report!


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