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Prime focus with SkyWatcher Evostar 72ED.


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Hi,a few days ago I received a email from guys that were supposed to sell me 130PDS,they told me that they don’t have it so i decided to buy SkyWatcher 72ED.

would i be able to achive prime focus with SkyWatcher 72ED and canon 450D? Im going to buy a reducer/corrector for 72ED and a M48 t-ring.

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30 minutes ago, alacant said:


Yes but IMO, better to hold out for the 130.


Well they said it will be available in February/March and i really want to image winter deep-sky objects this year.I also saw some posts talking about rotating adapters will i need them too

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Yes easy to achieve prime focus with the 72ed and 450d, I used to have this combination before I went to my 600D. I do have an ovl field flattener with mine. Do I just have scope then FF, then the Canon t ring then dslr attached and prime focus achieved. I don't use rotators with mine, I set the dslr to be as you'd look through it normally (like holding it taking a photo normally) 

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